How to get rid of Mold in your Mobile Home

Mold is a substance that most people will deal with in one way or another in their lifetimes. This terrible substance can affect your home and health negatively. It tends to grow in moist and warm environments (California falls perfectly into this category). It is an enemy that must be dealt with correctly and immediately. 

Mold is common in older homes and can be a popular nuisance in mobile homes. Mobile Home parks in California have difficulty in fighting and preventing this fungus from spreading. If you have experienced mold in your mobile home, here are some tips to help clear it up. 

1. Understand what mold is

Mold is a form of fungus which can be found indoors and outdoors. It spreads through spores which are the reproductive units of mold and fungus. Spores can survive in harsh conditions and according to the EPA, spores are virtually impossible to get rid of.

2. How to get rid of Mold in your Mobile Home

There is typically a three step process to getting rid of mold in your mobile home. The first step is to remove the drywall and all affected areas. You must completely remove these from your home to prevent future infestation. 

Second, define the affected area and measure out how much  polymer sealer you'll need to use against the mold. 

Lastly, apply the mold remover cautiously. You must dry the affected areas immediately after removing the mold. Opening windows and using fans will help get rid of any moisture that's in the air. Always make sure all the mold is completely destroyed before you begin to put everything back together. 

To Wrap it Up

Renting a mobile home in California can be a very beneficial thing. However, small problems like mold infestation may occur due to the moisture and humidity in the air. It's recommended by the EPA to destroy and clean the affected areas within 48 hours of the growth. It is typically an easy to do process that most of us can do ourselves. Once you have finished this process, you can feel confident that your mobile home is safe and secure.

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