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Who lives in Mobile Homes?

Have you ever wondered what type of people live at Rio Vista Mobile Home Estates? Have you ever been interested in what type of people inhabited manufactured homes or what occupation most populated the community? Huntington Beach Trailer Park is a big place so it has to be diverse right? Well let's dive into it and see what it's like in these communities. 


To start off, through the year mobile homes demographic changed a lot. In the 1960’s they were known to house many young adults. Mobile homes were seen as a way to get the young and budding members of society started on the path of homeownership. It was known that more than half of the population was filled with singles and families under the age of 30. These homes weren’t looked down upon but cherished as a great starting point until you got a grasp of work and family. But you’ll see how things change and also stay the same as years move on.


Now as we move further in the future demographics do change. In the 2010’s it was seen that the young population was still on top but not as dominating as before. People between 18 and 29  only took up 23 percent of the population with citizens between 50 and 59 taking up 22 percent. The young began to start making their way to affording more classical forms of housing as the older individuals were looking to downsize through the years. With this change in demographic you can see a change in the type of money being brought to the community as well.  Slightly less than 5 percent of people make more than $100,000 per year. The people in that 5 percent are likely to be the 16 percent who are home developers. 


So with an idea of the age living there the average annual income for people living in mobile homes is about $28,000. That number brings so much clarity to the fact that 13 percent of mobile home residents take in food stamps. These numbers show even further that the young no longer see manufactured homes as a good first place for home owning, which is strange because manufactured homes cost almost $300,000 less on average compared to site built homes. But believe it or not the population is growing with the latest number being somewhere around 20 million people living in mobile homes today.