How to Keep Bugs From Under Your Mobile Home

When your mobile home sits above ground, it can get extremely difficult to protect it from mice, bugs, and insects from getting under. Here are a few simple solutions that should help keep these critters out of your mobile home. 


Most mobile homes that sit above ground will come equipped with a belly wrap that is suppose to help keep critters out. As much as they do help, without proper maintenance your belly wraps can be damaged or breakdown over time. It’s wise to continuously change your belly wraps every few years, or purchase a brand new one if your mobile home doesn’t have one already. Here are some simple tips to help keep bugs from under your mobile home. 


  1. Replace your Belly Wrap - As mentioned before, this is the easiest and most efficient way to protect your mobile home. Polyethylene belly wrap will require attention such as patching holes, cleaning areas to get rid of dirt, and replacing the wrap once bugs have attached themselves to it.

  2. Fiberglass Insulation - Patching up holes in the belly wrap with fiberglass insulation is an incredible option that works like a charm. Using tape to attach the fiberglass insulation will help seal and protect the mobile home from damage. 

  3. Wrap Tape to Seal Gaps -  where pipes or other parts of your home protrude through the belly of the mobile home.

  4. Inspect your Skirting - All gaps and spaces must be covered 110%. Even small holes in the skirting can allow for mice and other insects to get in. 

  5. Dispose of Trash and Waste - This is a no brainer and very common sensical. Clean your mobile home up so there is nothing extra that would attract bugs or mice.


We hope you learned a few new ways to keep bugs, mice, and insects out of your mobile home. It’s  important to protect your mobile home at all costs. This will help raise it’s property value as well as keep management happy that you’re mobile home remains in quality shape. Protect your mobile home and you can protect your future. 

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