Renting a Mobile Home in California

So you're interested in renting a mobile home in California Well, let us provide some basic information for rentals in California.

Space Rent

First and foremost, when considering renting a mobile home in California, you must understand mobile home space rentals. When you buy a mobile home, you will own your the home, but the space it sits on is owned by the mobile park. You'll most likely be paying a monthly "space rental fee" which is known as the rent for the space your home sits on top of. 

Space Rental Fees

Space rental prices in California vary from park to park. Obviously the much nicer mobile parks will be more expensive than the parks that dont offer the same luxurious amenities. There are several great parks around California that offer fitness centers, community rooms, libraries, parks and playgrounds, pools & spas, and many other lifestyle advantages. If you feel like these are extra costs that wouldn't affect you, then going with a more humble mobile park will be your best bet. It all depends on your lifestyle and needs.

Mobile home space rental prices in California will typically range anywhere from $350 to $1500. Some can be much more expensive depending on location and quality of the mobile park. Here are three areas of focus if you're considering renting a mobile park space in California: 

1) Financing: The age of the mobile park will effect the cost of financing or not financing. 1976 and younger get better rates, under 1970 you may have to pay cash or very high rates.
2) Rental Agreement. You will have to qualify for the rent and the mortgage, typically your mortgage and rent combined needs to be in the range of 1/3 of your income. So if you make $3000 a month your rent and mortage can not be greater than $1,000 a month.
3). Qualifications. You will have to qualify for the community. This is usually done through an application and interview. Once approved you can purchase your mobile home and move in as soon as you are ready.

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