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Do Mobile Homes have an Expiration Date?

Do mobile homes have an expiration date?


This is an interesting question. There have always been debates about the longevity of mobile homes or manufactured homes. This question especially applies to someone who is looking for mobile home rents in Los Angeles. What most don’t know is that mobile homes are very practical in their build and compare to other traditional houses or apartments. The build quality and structure of mobile homes is similar to a traditional home. They use the same building materials, the only difference is the way they actually build and design the structures. Typically they will be smaller and built for maneuverability.


Mobile homes are typically built through factories and trucked over to their mobile home parks. From there they will be installed onto their property where they will rest until the owner decides to move again. Most Western manufactured homes are smaller than traditional houses so it’s easier to move it around and not risk as much damage. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still difficult to move a mobile home from one park to another, but after years of professionals improving their craft, it becomes a bit easier. 


So, let's talk about the actual build structure of a mobile home. 


1. Foundation - Every home needs a sturdy and strong foundation to support the weight and installation processes. They must be built to last for years even after a few park changes. Mobile home structures by weldings a large steel frame, applying decking and, finally pouring a thin layer of concrete around the steel structure for stability and durability. The foundation is one of the most important pieces of a mobile home, so it’s important these are built to the most reliable, sturdy, and safe quality.


2. Floors and Walls - The next step would be to apply the floors and walls. The beauty of building a mobile home is that it’s built in sections and stages. They can compartmentalize the pieces and produce them in larger quantities rather than producing them one at a time. This is one reason why mobile homes can be less expensive than a traditional house. After the stages are completed a home’s walls and floor can be screwed together, insulated, and all other necessary forms of installation. 


3. Utilities - Each home has a specialized crew who controls the installation of cabinets, toilets, showers, etc. The materials are order in advance and built to spec so the cost goes way down on production. The teams can assemble and install without ever worrying about temperature or climate delays. 


4. Safety Inspection and Final Touches - Each mobile home must pass the HUD code which will allow them the home to be sold or moved to a permanent location. During the build process it is carefully overseen by third party inspectors. The final touches such as paint and minor issues that arise by case basis. 


5. Transportation and Installation- The mobile home is transported to its location and installed into the park. Some mobile homes will have owners that have purchased them, and others could be investors looking to make a profit flipping a property. 


Mobile homes provide a great quality of life to a lot of people, especially if you decide to put your home in places like Bell Mobile Homes . The homes in these Southern California mobile home communities are built with modern construction techniques which can prove to be similar (and even better) than traditional residences. So, do mobile homes have an expiration date? Not necessarily. Just because of the stigma and reputation some mobile homes have, doesn’t mean these homes are built to any less quality standard than other forms of living. If your mobile home is constantly improving with upgrades and maintenance then there should be no worries for the lifespan of your home.