Top 5 Luxury Mobile Homes

Top 5 Luxury Mobile Homes


When you think of “luxury” you probably don't think about a mobile home park in Southern California or a manufactured home. Well this can make sense as some Southern California mobile home parks are run down, can be dirty, and with some not-so-nice neighbors. While this exists, there is an entirely different kind of mobile home lifestyle. There are architectural and design firms whose primary purpose is to build and create the most innovative mobile homes in existence. 


Now, most mobile homes don't look like this, a majority of mobile homes are safe and provide a great quality of living. There a select few which stand out amongst the rest. Some mobile homes sell for one to four million dollars. Particular parks located in Malibu, CA have records of selling the most expensive mobile homes on the planet. 


This is a particular mobile home park that owns some of the most expensive land in California. The cost of living here is expensive. Residents are willing to spend hundreds of thousands if not millions to live in a community located near the ocean. Here are the most luxurious mobile homes on the market:


  1. Malibu, CA. This home is stylish, modern, and is located right near the ocean. When you first think of mobile home, this is probably not what you would expect. The stylish design of the driveway gives off a very “los angeles” tone. Structures like these can come equipped with hardwood floors, granite countertops, modern appliances, spacious rooms, garages, and many more. The homes are extremely similar to a traditional home. 

  2.  Malibu, CA Beach front property located right in Malibu California. These mobile homes go from 1.5 to 4 million dollars due to their location and demand. Most mobile homes are single wide or double wide units. These mobile home can span to as much as a 5 wide unit. Celebrities and stars from Hollywood have been known to own property at this particular park. It offers a wide variety of space. 

  3.  Location UnknownThis is a mobile home concept that will begin production. These mobile homes can come with a guest quarters, pools, and a wonderful community center.

  4. Oakland CaliforniaThese mobile homes were concepting and created by some leading edge architects in this field. These are hard to imagine as mobile homes, but they were all created and built using factory process. 

  5.  North CarolinaThis home is just over 2000 square feet and was built using 5 different modular sections. The firm RES4 who created and built this mobile home, has been a pioneer in the industry of custom design and architecture for mobile homes. This is by far the most luxurious mobile home you can find. 


Beside the mobile homes themselves, the community centers and park residents can make for great people and great times. The mobile home community centers can offer exclusive lifestyle amenities such as a spa and pool, banquet center, a billiards room, grass fields and playgrounds, beaches, and many other incredible options. Depending on the location of your California mobile home park will largely depend on the cost you will pay for the home itself. It’s always incredible to be apart of a community that is growing together. 

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